Tiffany Fayolle, the interior designer opens its doors...

After studying interior design for 6 years in France, Tiffany Fayolle created the agency of interior architecture and decoration of the same name.


Since 2014, the agency has been studying, designing and implementing unique interior fittings in both modern and traditional styles, studying the needs of each client one by one.

Each project is unique. As a result, we invite you to contact us through the "Contact" tab above, to learn more about our international services..

Drawing my inspiration from France, I travel the country and the world to rewrite interior atmospheres and recreate the lifestyles that best fit.

You will discover here some of my achievements, and, hopefully, soon your universe.

Tiffany - Gisèle Fayolle, Interior Designer





Two options are available: the complete service (we come to you) or the e-deco service (connected to the inside of your nails).


With this online formula, you get a complete file with three-dimensional visuals, tips, decorative selections ...

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